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About Us

cropped-14045381_1409388242410696_13485759_o.jpgThe Asian Journal of Legal Studies is the flagship journal of the Asian Law Student’s Association. It publishes articles relating to the study of the legal system of Asian countries, and feature comparative legal analysis, and broader issues on legal reform in individual countries. The Journal fulfills the need for increased communication and enhancement of understanding of legal studies among Asian countries by serving as a platform for contributors to express their views on Asian legal affairs. Through its wide dissemination of articles, the Journal hopes to serve a broader Asian community.

The Journal’s contributors and audience include students, academics, professionals and others interested in the field of Asian Legal Studies. It is an open-source Journal with its volumes accessible to all interested persons. The Journal is also sent out to all ALSA affiliates and may be published in hard-copy form.


ALSA’S Law Review is a compendium of law reviews submitted from a carefully chosen pool of contributors in each national chapters. The journal seeks to provide ALSA members with a tool to enhance their academic writing skills and researching skills. The topic of law review will be aimed at the contemporary legal issues that affects the international interests.